News from Allyson McHardy, Soprano

As Julie Riel in Harry Somers’ Louis Riel at the Canadian Opera Company with Johannes Debus conducting

Apr 24, 2017 | Reviews

“Russell Braun (As Riel) was extremely powerful all evening. As was Allyson McHardy as Riel’s mother, adding the lustre of her beautiful mezzo-soprano to the powerful maternalism of her character.” (Globe and Mail, April 21 20170)

“Allyson McHardy certainly deserves a mention for her very beautiful portrayal of Riel’s mother, particularly poignant in Act 3.” (Opera Ramblings, April 21 2017)

“Certainly the final visit by Riel’s mother in his jail cell stands as a remarkable example of how moving and beautiful a free harmonic language can be. Hats off to McHardy here for producing the warmest sounds of the afternoon.” (Musical Toronto, April 24 2017)

“Allyson McHardy held court with a gilded mezzo-soprano tone that has set her apart from her contemporaries.”
- Toronto Star