Harry Somers
Opera with libretto by James Reaney

Mehgan Atchinson, Sally Dibblee, Lambroula Maria Pappas – sopranos
Allyson McHardy, Marcia Swanston – mezzo-sopranos
Michael Colvin, David Pomeroy – tenors
Alain Coulombe – bass
Canadian Chamber Ensemble
Victor Feldbrill – conductor

Label: Centrediscs
Catalogue No: CMCCD12306
Release date: 2006

Harry Somers: Serinette

Serinette is the sixth in a special series of Centrediscs CDs entitled A Window on Somers celebrating and devoted to the music of one of Canada’s foremost composers. This recording features Somers’ 2-act opera Serinette, the composer’s fifth opera, his “penultimate work in the genre”.

Serinette was nominated for a 2002 JUNO: Best Classical Composition.

Disque No 1


Somers, Harry

  1. Serinette: Act I Scene 1: Bivouc (Major Domo, Colonel, Colin)
  2. Serinette: Act I Scene 1: Divertimento
  3. Serinette: Act I Scene 2: Dinner at Hazelburn, York, Upper Canada
  4. Serinette: Act I Scene 3: The Bird Box, the drawing room at Hazelburn
  5. Serinette: Act I Scene 4: Parchment at Jarvis Sr.’s office
  6. Serinette: Act I Scene 5: On the Piazza-at Hazelburn
  7. Serinette: Act I Scene 6: Pagan Darkness-St. James Cathedral
  8. Serinette: Act I Scene 7: The Brothers-at Hazelburn
  9. Serinette: Act I Scene 8: A Musical Evening
  10. Serinette: Act I Scene 8: A Musical Evening

Disque No 2


Somers, Harry

  1. Serinette: Act II Scene 1: Almsgiving Day at Sharon (David Wilson)
  2. Serinette: Act II Scene 2: The Penny
  3. Serinette: Act II Scene 3: The Widow’s Store
  4. Serinette: Act II Scene 4: Monday Night Singing School and variations
  5. Serinette: Act II Scene 5: Barrel Organ-in David Willson’s Study
  6. Serinette: Act II Scene 6: Run-through
  7. Serinette: Act II Scene 7: Cabbages
  8. Serinette: Act II Scene 8: Interrupted Ceremony
  9. Serinette: Act II Scene 9: Farewell to Sharon-Naked and Beautiful
  10. Serinette: Act II Scene 10: The Serinette
  11. Serinette: Act II Scene 11: My Own Song (Tutti)
  12. Serinette: Act II Scene 12: —