The Art Songs

Mykola Lysenko

Albert Krywolt, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Monica Whicher, Allyson McHardy, Krisztina Szabó, Elizabeth Turnbull, Benjamin Butterfield, Michael Colvin, Russell Braun, Robert Gleadow, Mia Bach, Serouj Kradjian, Douglas Stewart & Roman Borys.

Label: Musica Leopolis
6 CD set
Release date: 2010

Mykola Lysenko: The Art Songs

Mykola Lysenko, Ukraine’s preeminent composer of the 19th century; the most comprehensive collection of 124 art songs recorded on 6 CDs by today’s greatest classical musicians. Featuring A Poet’s Love, Lysenko’s song cycle composed to the poetry of Heinrich Heine and inspired by Schumann’s Dichterliebe song cycle. Recorded at Toronto’s prestigious Glenn Gould Studio by Pavlo Hunka.


Disque No 1


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. The Sailboat
  2. The Reaper
  3. The Setting Sun
  4. A Boat Drifts On
  5. The Wind Howls through the Vale
  6. The Dnieper River Rages
  7. A Coral Necklace
  8. Swindler
  9. You’re Not Mine
  10. To Lose One’s Bloom and Fade Away
  11. I Believe in Beauty
  12. The Princess
  13. The Jilted Maiden
  14. On a Clear Night
  15. Blossoms in the Valley
  16. Should Only Roses Bloom?
  17. Never to Have Loved
  18. The Fleeting Moments of Youth

Disque No 2


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. I Saw Heaven in a Dream
  2. Oriental Melody
  3. Early One Spring
  4. Do Not Look At the Moon in Spring
  5. One Sad Spring
  6. The Muscovite Hussar Has Not Returned
  7. Should We Meet Again
  8. Surrender Your Heart to Me
  9. Parting
  10. My Grave
  11. Where Are You?
  12. The Wide Valley
  13. A Serene Evening
  14. The Cove
  15. Ribbon to Ribbon
  16. My Beloved
  17. Forsaken
  18. They Loved, Then Parted Friends
  19. The Sweetest Eyes
  20. A Broidered Kerchief
  21. We Met and Married
  22. Confession
  23. Heavenly Love
  24. I Rose at Dawn

Disque No 3


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. I Saw Heaven in a Dream
  2. Nothing, Simply Nothing
  3. Indifference
  4. The Spinner
  5. A Lullaby
  6. A Mother’s Sorrow
  7. The Wind Rests in the Grove
  8. Destiny
  9. The Cuckoo’s Call
  10. A Piper’s Tune
  11. The Plowman
  12. Yearning
  13. The Rose of Jericho
  14. In Captivity
  15. Should Your Spirit Age…
  16. I Fell in Love
  17. Bury Your Sorrow
  18. Solitude
  19. Past a Maple to a Dell
  20. Dancing Shoes
  21. In the Garden by the Ford
  22. We Sang and then Parted
  23. My Heart is Ablaze

Disque No 4


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. Brothers, Kneel and Pray!
  2. To the Island of Khortytsia
  3. When We Were Cossacks
  4. Unrest on the Steppes
  5. A Floating Cloud
  6. A Mist Across the Valley
  7. Kateryna’s Deception
  8. Why Are You Touched With Sombreness?
  9. In the Village of Subotiv
  10. Illicit Love
  11. Yaroslavna’s Lament
  12. The Slave

Disque No 5


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. My Dagger, I Shall Sharpen You Well!
  2. Thought Follows Thought
  3. The Sun is Setting
  4. May My Spirit Run Free
  5. Ukrainian Melody
  6. A Burdened Soul
  7. My Plea
  8. To Defy One’s Fate
  9. Evening
  10. Rich as Wine
  11. The Fires Blaze
  12. The Waif
  13. Camomile Blooms on the Hill
  14. Humanity
  15. The Orphan
  16. Yarema’s Song
  17. Yarema’s Serenade
  18. Hetmany!

Disque No 6


Lysenko, Mykola

  1. Spring Awoke My Heart
  2. Why Have the Roses Grown Pale?
  3. My Deep Sadness
  4. I Do Not Regret
  5. The World Is Dull, the World Is Blind
  6.  To Thy Cheeks the Fires of Summer
  7. When Two Must Part
  8. In Luxurious, Mysterious Beauty
  9. In the North, On the Cliff
  10. On the Wings of Songs
  11. A Dream
  12. Dear Maiden of the Sea
  13. In My Dream I Wept
  14. She Who Was Born of the Waves
  15. Broken Harp Strings
  16. On the Gray Cliff Blooms a Poppy
  17. Asters
  18. You Are Tender as the Night
  19. Autumn in the Air
  20. Love
  21. Summer Evening
  22. The Cherry Orchard
  23. In the Darkness of the Night
  24. Scatter in the Wind
  25. Don’t Forget Youthful Days
  26. Don’t Forget Youthful Days (Duet)
  27. So This is the Path
  28. I Did Not Curse You
  29. The Boundless Plain
  30. Princely Moon